My name is Chris and I started this project for fun, I'm not the greatest engineer in the world or the best drummer. Hey! I don't have a huge track record or whatever and I don't even play the drums. But I love to record and mix my own stuff and whatever band who choose to work with me. I've always liked drum samples(well especially snares). But as we all know they're thousands of samples from different companies all over the web to chose from. But sometimes imo they sound almost to good and are already too processed for my taste. It's not that I want to create some useless lo-fi samples but what I'm trying to say is that my samples aren't perfect but no human being is either. We all have our own personality.

My samples are almost raw, I recorded them with some Neve, API and Telefunken pre's, some light eq from the Neves and some light compression with a distressor then to a tape machine and then directly in to Pro Tools. The mics I use are pretty studio standard, SM57, SM7, U87's and some old Ribbon Mics from the 60/70's.

I have no intentions to battle the big boys in the industry but that's not the point. I use their products too and they sound amazing! And as I said earlier this is all about fun and it's more about doing something for me. But if someone could find my products useful I would be a happy camper for sure.

In the future I'm planning to record some more drums and I'm even planning on doing some great plugins(AAX format). I have some great ideas, last year together with my friend who is a programmer I started on my first channel strip, and to me it sounds really really good. I took my old Pultec, GML and SSL channel Strip(from an old 4kE) and just went crazy and came up with some interesting eq- curves. And the channel strip has two switchable compressor, one is based on a well known VCA channel compressor and the other one is way more dirty which I modeled after an old RCA tube compressor.

That's all folks!